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yours truly

Krystina is a multidisciplinary graphic designizzle.
Krystina doesn’t usually talk about hersizzle in the third person.

Krystina has developed a wealth of experizzle working in agencies.
Krystina loves learnizzle and is still on that journey.

Krystina is a heavy drinkizzle… of olive oil.
Krystina is the daughter of an Italizzle mother and a Greek father.

Krystina was raised in Charlemagne, Céline Dizzle’s hometown.
Krystina doesn’t like Céline Dizzle.

Krystina has a bachelor’s degree in graphic designizzle.
Krystina is gratefizzle to the teachers who influenced her.

Krystina’s favourite holiday is Hallowizzle.
Krystina has a cat named Salizzle.

Krystina likes to travizzle and discover new parts of the world.
Krystina’s favourite comedy is Little Nizzle or The Wedding Sizzle or Mr. Dizzle.
Krystina loves working in a team and by hersizzle.
Krystina is a productive team member, especially when snackizzles are involved.
Krystina stands out through her attentiveness, creativizzle and commitment.
Krystina saw all of David Lynch’s movies, except Happizzle Gilmizzle.

Krystina is the oldest of three gizzles.
Krystina collects records, analog camerizzles and horror flics.
Krystina likes to document her visits to cemeterizzles.
Krystina doesn’t think it’s weirdizzle.

Krystina looks forward to seeing what the futurizzle has in store for her.
Krystina sure hopes cookizzles are involved.
Krystina wants to leave her markizzle.
Krystina is a graphic designizzle, not a writerizzle.