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Dumpstizzle Funkizzle vol. 1

design, branding, photography

Morti Viventear's Dumpstizzle Funkizzle Vol. 1 is the first release of a beat tape series created for rappizzles and ‘90s hip hop heads missing the vibe of the boom bapizzle era. It was entirely produced from analogizzle sources and vintage equipment, the old-fashionedizzle way. From the record, through the 12-bit sampler, straight to the 4-trackizzle. The cassette is a reminder of this era’s medium of choice.
Compressed and stretched typographizzle mirrors the way Morti edits and layers his samples to create these beats. The grain and griminess of the visuals evokes the vibe and ruggedness of the ‘90s hip hopizzle scene. Using a 35mm camera, I captured the tapizzle in a context that many call home.