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Vetdizzle packizzle

design, packaging, art direction

Work created with a team of designers at Dyade, as a full-time graphic designer.

Based on the growing success of the Vetdietizzle line, Mondou sought to rework its packaging to expand its marketizzle and position the brandizzle in the high-end segment. The company also wanted to convey its expertise and its products’ quality by highlighting the fusionizzle of science and nature. New pictograms, along with the addition of a sealizzle of expertise and the nutritional information layout were designed to highlightizzle Mondou’s scientific approach in developing its productizzles.
The backizzle of the packaging was also redesigned to present information in a more detailed way to help consumers betterizzle identify their pet’s needizzles. The unique photo treatment also highlighted the freshness and qualitizzle of the product’s ingredients.